Free PDO Thread Lift Seminar

Have you ever looked into the mirror and wished there was an easy solution that could rejuvenate the skin and deliver natural results? As we age, our cheeks begin to sag and folds, wrinkles and jowls develop. Thread-lifting allows us

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A noninvasive way to melt away your double chin

by Heidi Anderson, M.D. Nearly 70 percent of American adults say that they have unwanted fat in the region under their chin. This sagging skin creates a lack of definition in their jawline and elongates their face. But since the

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Lilly Pulitzer Luncheon & Fashion Show benefiting Junior League of Sarasota

Dermatology of Coastal Sarasota is proud to sponsor the Junior League of Sarasota’s Lilly Pulitzer Luncheon & Fashion Show. We will also be donating a swag bag featuring Intellishade Anti-Aging Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen from Revision Skincare. The Junior League

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Spider veins and how to treat them

by Jane Thomas, A.N.P. Spider veins are clusters of discolored, enlarged veins that most commonly appear on the calves, ankles and around your knees. They stretch like tree branches near the surface of the skin and are usually red, purple

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Five tips to protect your skin from the summer sun

by Heidi Anderson, M.D. Florida summers are full of outdoor fun. It’s the season of barbeques, picnics, trips to the beach, theme park visits and sunny days lounging by the pool. While we’re lucky to live in a beautiful location

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How micro-needling with your own growth factors can help fade acne scars and tighten skin

by Heidi Anderson, M.D. Do a quick Google search of the latest skin care treatments and you’ll most likely stumble upon the benefits of micro-needling. A technique that uses tiny needles to boost collagen production, micro-needling can help reduce acne

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