For Your Skin


Prevention, Skin Care and Renewal

Medical Dermatology

At DOCS, our clients range from newborns to centenarians and include many multiple-generation families. Our goal for all is healthy skin that carries out its role in fighting off infection, protecting the body, creating Vitamin D for converting calcium into healthy bones and allowing free movement. We are proficient in diagnosing and treating a range of skin disorders that impact this vital organ.
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Laser and Light Devices

State-of-the-art effective laser and light devices are incorporated in your care for medical and cosmetic benefits.
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Surgical Dermatology

DOCS providers are experts at diagnosing and removing skin cancer.
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Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery

DOCS offers Mohs Micrographic Surgery for skin cancer, which minimizes the sacrifice of tissue and has a high cure rate.
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Be sun smart. Use our products and advice for healthy and younger-looking skin.
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